I’ve been working with Hilary for a few months, did a KMI series post partum and am now training with her to regain strength in my hard working body. The changes I’ve had are incredible! The way my body feels is different, the way I walk is different, my body is a better version of itself thanks to Hilary’s perfectionist work!  
-Kelly A.K

(Personal Training and Structural Integration Client)

I initially went to see Hilary when I developed a painful case of plantar fasciitis, which in addition to a previously ruptured achilles tendon on my OTHER foot, left me barely able to walk. After going through the series of 12 KMI treatments, I have to say the results have far outstripped my expectations. Not only has the plantar fasciitis completely gone, the constant achilles tendon discomfort is also gone, and my whole body posture and alignment have changed dramatically.Like, so dramatically that people had already started commenting on how great my posture was, halfway through the series. I am balanced enough now that I can carry a heavy shoulder bag on EITHER side with no discomfort (used to be I could only carry a bag on one side), and the adjustments in my shoulder girdle were major enough that I've had to re-adjust every single bra strap I own. I've also had a lot of hormonal adjustment - at the risk of TMI - I started my period again a year after it stopped. I've been sleeping more restfully, my workouts have been more focused and I feel generally stronger and more balanced all over. Simply put - this KMI stuff is the bomb. Highly recommend to anyone facing structural body issues, or to anyone wanting to develop a more tuned-in relationship with their body in general.
-Anna .M

(Structural Integration Client)

I took level 1 with Hilary and it was such an enlightening experience. I've tried meditating on my own with random free apps, but it never stuck. I took a mindfulness course once and I just couldn't relate to it. I am of a science background so this course satisfied my need for actual information. Hilary was a great teacher, she has a kind soul and is genuinely interested in helping you. It also helps that she has a nice calming voice.  
(Level 1 meditation student)

I have been working with Hilary for quite a few months. She has completely changed my body! My posture and how I move has dramatically changed. I am a fitness competitor and personal trainer. My workouts have improved which helps my training for competitions and I have also improved my standing posture that has stopped back pain and discomfort in my feet from standing so much. I highly recommend Hilary!
-Carmen .S -
Lifestyle Expert, Fitness Model, Former Pro Fitness Model, Pro Figure Athlete
(Structural Integration Client)

Working with Hilary has had a major impact on my body. Before meeting her, I could barely sit at a desk for long without getting major upper body pain. Now, I feel much better and can work out to a greater extent than ever before. Hilary's knowledgeable, dedicated and very passionate about helping her clients get better. I am eternally grateful.
-Rachelle .C
Personal Training Client)