It Takes A Village....

Everyone's Needs Are Different..

"Everyone is different. My goal is to leave my clients feeling ready to face the adventures and challenges of parenthood with confidence and an established support system. It indeed takes a village!"

"I feel great. My body is shrinking much quicker than ever before. I was also quite active this pregnancy. I worked out up to 6.5 months. When in my other pregnancies I could barely walk because I was in pain. My body responded really well to any treatments I did during pregnancy too.

This pregnancy was so very different than the others. My physicality was not as strained as it was in my other two.  I actually went apple picking three days before my due date! And to the zoo when I was past 40 weeks! "


Received the structural integration series after baby #2 (postpartum)as well as movement/strength work before 3rd pregnancy.

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