Structural Integration

"I choose to practice Structural Integration because it quite literally changed my life. The body that I had learned to accept left me feeling weak, tired, and discouraged from taking care of myself. After receiving the Structural Integration series, I remember my exact thoughts...They were, I'm going to do this, and it's going to change people's lives..."

Did you know that Structural Integration can help restore the body's original function, physical integrity, and alignment? Not only is it benefitical to assist in maturational development (especially in children), alleviate chronic pain, and improve vitality...but receiving Structural Integration work postpartum, pre-pregnancy, or between births can create  more comfortable experience overall for the birther!

The Series

The Structural Integration series works through a different territory of the body with the intention of working deeper through the "layers" of postural and movement patterns.  This series of work is structured in the format of the Anatomy Trains 12-series. Each sessions covers a different fascial line (area of connective tissue) that runs through the body, providing an in-depth and thorough approach to structural reorganization and maintenance. 

Session Structure

75min Private Sessions 

A minimum of 24hrs notice must be given to avoid a  full-fee charge of any/all appointments.