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Sara Gorden
Professional Astrologist

Psychological research suggests that children thrive when they are supported in their uniqueness, within appropriate boundaries. But most of us have few tools to understand our children’s natures!! Rather, our parenting styles tend to reflect OUR sense of what is ‘true’, based on how we got our own emotional needs met (or not met) by our parents and environment. 

Understanding the astrological birth charts of my 3 kids empowers me to understand their different needs and ways of relating to the world, allowing me to respond compassionately when they behave in ways that seem foreign. Rather than condition them ‘out’ of their uniqueness, I understand them and work with them. (I know, for instance, that my daughter’s Leo Moon wants a lot of praise, and that my oldest son’s Libra Moon compels him to make peace and ‘give himself away’… so he likes time on his own, without needing to give to others). 

Reading for parents is my favourite way to serve!  




Toronto Acubirthing
JoAnn L Alafriz, RAc

Toronto AcuBirthing is a team of Registered Acupuncturists whose aim is to ease the transition from pregnancy to parenthood.

Pregnancy is a time of great physical and emotional change, which makes it an important time to support your overall health. Traditional East Asian Medicine (including acupuncture, shiatsu, tui na, and nutritional counseling) can help address the unique challenges you experience in pregnancy.

 Treatment throughout pregnancy can also result in a more efficient labour and delivery, while continued treatment throughout the postpartum period can help ensure a quicker and easier postpartum recovery.

Trusting and assisting the natural process is what we do best.




Emily Howell


Emily is the Clinic Director and Owner of Ashbridge’s Health Centre. Dr. Emily treats patients of all ages, stages of life and personal health goals to assist them in reducing pain, strengthen injured structures to prevent re-occurrence and using clinical evidence to support treatment. She treats patients of all stages of life but has a keen interest in female care and paediatrics, particularly with a lot of experience treating pre and post natal patients. Her goal in practice is to use evidence-based, patient centered care and build trust based partnerships with her patients using chiropractic, acupuncture, rehabilitative exercise, orthotics, and soft tissue therapy.


Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy


Katie Hauck

Katie’s interest in anatomy and problem solving started early in her education, and has continued to gain momentum. She graduated from University of Guelph with a Bachelor’s Degree in Bio-Medical Science, and completed her Masters Degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. Through continued post graduate training, Katie has received certification in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture and advanced manual therapy coursework in both orthopaedics and pelvic floor physiotherapy. Katie’s treatment philosophy focuses on remaining active during recovery to adapt the body towards achieving its next goal.

Perinatal Social Work Counseling


Olivia Scobie

Olivia is a social work counselor who specializes in perinatal mood, birth trauma, and maternal mental health.  

She is also the founder and executive director of Postpartum Support Toronto, a not-for-profit that provides therapy and solidarity for new parents having a tough time adjusting to life with a baby.  

She believes in good scotch, telling your story, and supporting families through difficult times.



Pre/Postnatal Yoga


Info coming soon!

Childbirth Education Classes


Kama Lee Jackson started Bloom because there was something missing  in the prenatal class world. Parents-to-be wanted the real goods in a  fun, relaxed, and candid setting. She'll answer all your questions plus  some you didn’t know you you had and - here’s the big promise -  you’ll leave her class feeling confident, relaxed,  and empowered to take on labour, birth, and the wild transition into  parenthood. Bonus: you’re guaranteed to laugh all class!

Kama has a midwifery degree and uses her education and real-life  experiences to deliver a full curriculum that covers everything from  emotional and mental preparedness, what wild and crazy things your body  does, coping through labour, and the postpartum period.

Group and private prenatal classes are available, as well as private prenatal prep sessions and postpartum breastfeeding/newborn  support in your home.


Professional Certifications and Trainings


Passionate about birth and babies?..

Bebo  mia’s live & online doula certification has been built on four  foundational pillars. They are: teaching excellence, cultivating community, ongoing mentorship and holistic advocacy. Their mission is to connect women to their intrinsic value & power. One of  the ways they aim to do this is by offering the most comprehensive  & socially aware combined fertility, birth & postpartum doula training! Their team of instructors are diverse, interesting &  super funny. Collectively, they are committed to changing the landscape  of birth experiences across the globe. They believe that by improving  birth outcomes together, we can help deepen the connections of families and decrease the occurrence of postpartum mood  disorders. To continue supporting your doula journey they also offer  continuing education and a doula business membership.