Mentorship Course


Fascial Exploration- Module 1


Over the course of 4 weeks we'll begin to explore the connective world of fascia. Students will develop their skills

 in body reading, language, developing their sense of touch, identifying patterns associated with fascial patterning, 

and learn effective solutions to assist their clients in making effective and significant changes.   

4 weekly 2hr classes with max. 4 students.   


  • Developing a deeper understanding of pain in the body, and our role as a therapist to assist our clients.
  • How to empower our clients to "take back" their health and wellness.
  • Discovering various methods of assessment and understanding how issues derive through fascial connections.
  • Developing a plan of action to work with your clients to create longer lasting, more permanent changes.
  • The concept of over promising- and under delivering to clients. How to communicate realistically with your clients.
  • Learn various approaches and techniques to assist clients in evolving in their bodies.  


Hilary Boucher FST, KMI, BCSI   


$300.00 (+HST) Earlybird rate -registered/paid 3 weeks prior to course start date.

$350.00 (+HST) Regular rate -registered/paid within 3 weeks of course start date.   



Toronto, ON  


May qualify for CEU credits  (must be converted per regulator of profession). 


Registrants must:

  • Link course to their profession
  • Provide learning outcomes
  • Identify professional learning goals/what was done to achieve that goal (i.e. what did I learn?)