About Hilary


My Message...

I'm a firm believer that our health and self-empowerment go hand-in-hand. In working with others, my mission is to guide them to their personal path of self-love, healing, and discovery of wellness


Hilary first began her exploration of movement at a young age studying various dance forms. At age 12 she pursued her passion with dance studying classical ballet professionally.

After years of vigorous training Hilary suffered a set-back in 2009 undergoing a surgery that ultimately derailed her career in dance. In her recovery process, Hilary found herself in the world of personal training and became certified in 2009.  As a personal trainer, Hilary worked closely with her clients who faced complicated health issues, leading her to study an "active" form of meditation in 2010 to expand her knowledge on self-healing techniques.   

In 2011, Hilary became a Fascial Stretch Therapist studying under the founder's Ann and Chris Fredrick, and in 2014, she continued her education studying Structural Integration in the US with world-renowned teacher and author of Anatomy Trains, Thomas Myers.   

In 2017 Hilary expanded her practice of therapy in Toronto, and began mentoring other trainers, and therapists in her community to help bridge the gap between manual and movement practices, and in 2018 she became certified as a Doula, assisting parents and families through the journey of child birth.  

Hilary currently works in Toronto, ON helping her clients on their journey to personal wellness.